About Zac's Burger

At Zac's Burger, we take pride in the food we serve as well as the atmosphere we serve it in. Our famous juicy beef burgers are made of grass-fed halal beef; the taste is all due to the quality of the meat. Grass-fed beef is a source of natural healthy fats and is a safer beef option that is hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Along with our burgers, we serve a variety of hot chicken sandwiches, cheese steaks, gyros, and refreshing milkshakes. Here at Zac's Burger, we know that the main elements of delicious food and a joyous experience are high-quality ingredients and great service; our aim is to provide that to all those who come in to enjoy our food! Zac's Burger has been in business for seven years and has ServSafe certification from The Borough of Milltown. Visit us today!